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Re: Letter of information about The Carters Touch Foundation. “People who Care”

Date: 10-26-2018

From: CEO/President- John M. Carter, Sr./ of The Carters Touch Foundation.

To: Charitable Organizations, and the General Public

Greetings, This Information sheet will help you understand “What the Carter's Touch Foundation” (Non-Profit) is all about. The Foundation is a Charity Organization that Helps disabled veterans, men, women. And children that need help with life threatening needs.

    The Foundation was founded and formed in 2013, and began as an Idea. The Mission of the Carter's Touch Foundation a (Non-Profit) grant making Foundation that helps other organizations with Grant money toward their Mission to Help children and Disabled Veterans in need of, Food, Clothing, Water, and Shelter for their support and Safety. This is accomplished though Public Charities given though donations to the Carters touch Foundation and Distributed out to the Organizations in the form of Grant Moneys or a check. The Carter's Touch Foundation will also be giving grant moneys to other Public Charities that support our mission.

    The Carter's Touch Foundation Operates with a board of directors, who though mandatory foundation meetings decide and assess the overall needs, and Critical Problem solving of The Carter's Touch Foundation. The Foundation is a Non-Profit Foundation with Exempt Tax status Filed under a 501 (c) 3 Plan. This means that any Monetary Contributions of 250.00 or more will be eligible to file Tax Credit with the Internal Revenue Service. The Carter's Touch Foundation will also participate in Fundraising Activities to Help with the Charitable Mission of The Carter's Touch Foundation. As CEO and Founder of the Carter's Touch Foundation, I will always be loyal to all of my fellow organizations, Armed Services and their Families. As the Foundation grows and Matures we will be able to help other Organizations that want to support our mission.

    The Vision of The Carter's Touch Foundation, is to Provide the Best Quality Service that the Foundation can. We promise to put the concern and time in our everyday Operations to ensure that Family's, Organizations, and disabled veterans get the Help that they need and deserve. With the help of a dedicated Staff and Legal representation the Foundation will grow to new heights of Humanitarianism.

I hope this Information helps in your overall understanding of what the Foundations Mission and Vision are. This Foundation is Organized exclusively for Charitable Purposes. The Carter's Touch Foundation are truly “People Who Care”.


John M. Carter, Sr.


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